What You Need to Know about Eye Care

The skin below your eyes is very delicate; it’s only ⅓ the thickness of the skin on other parts of our bodies. We know, this is why eye care is so important!

The fragile skin around your eyes is stretched over the eye socket and has minimal supportive soft tissue (fat and muscle) and no oil-producing glands to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. Your eyes work a lot throughout the day (blinking, expressing emotions, etc.), the lack of support and care can accelerate aging around the eyes.

Plus, added effects of genetics, ultraviolet (UV) rays, environmental stress, and lifestyle choices (like diet and lack of sleep), it’s pretty clear why then skin around the eyes ages more quickly than anywhere else on our bodies.

Delay the delicate under-eye tissue from becoming looser, thinner, and from forming fine lines and wrinkles with formulas that firm, hydrate, stimulate collagen/elastin production, and provide superior emollience (lubrication) with our Eye Care collection.

Revitalizing Eye Cream

The ideal daytime choice that addresses dark circles and puffiness with targeted peptides and niacinamide.

Illuminating Eye & Lip Treatment

A concentrated evening serum, this eye treatment boosts hydration, emollience, and is packed with potent anti-aging ingredients like CoQ10.

Bonus Tip: Illuminating Treatment is also a super-charged overnight lip treatment!

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