Episode 36: The Ultimate Guide to Skin Self Assessment, Part 1

Intro: In the first of a two-part series, I'm here to help you wade through all the information that is out there regarding your skincare and skin health. There is so much advice out there that is outdated and antiquated. I teach you how to take in the information that is most important and make sense of it all, regardless of whether or not you are a skincare professional. There is going to be growth in the telesthetics market, so this episode is for professionals as well as non-professionals at home.

I'm a big believer in Epigenetics, the idea that cells change because of their environment, so in this episode I talk about how medical history, life history, and skincare history can be used to create the Ultimate Guide to Skin Self Assessment, which can also be referred to as the Ultimate Guide to Professional Skin Analysis.

“The body is a phenomenally brilliant design that is constantly and always doing the right thing.”
– Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • How to tell if your skin is healthy
  • How does aging affect skin
  • How can wearing a mask affect your skin
  • How does surgery affect the skin
  • Which medicines affect skin
  • Does Tylenol affect the skin
  • What causes scar tissue
  • Is ashwagandha safe
  • Can supplements be bad for your health
  • Is whey a good protein powder
  • How does diet affect the skin
  • Is tap water safe to drink
  • Is sun exposure good for the skin
  • Is sunscreen bad for my skin
  • What is the downside to skin peels
  • Where are the fat pads in the body
  • Is retinol good for the skin longterm
You never know when medicine is the trigger for a skin condition.
– Dr. Ben

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